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 +==== Activity Course type ====
 +The Courses-Activities subsystem enables the platform manager to create a type of lesson that is tailored to the needs of the trainers. In essence, it functions as a standard course that has the appropriate format for how the information is displayed to learners. To create a new "Lesson-Activity," select the path: Management Options - Platform Management - Course Management - Courses - Activities. In the form displayed, select the "Add" link and specify the activities you wish by giving their names. When you have created a new set of activities it will have the following format.
 +After completing the above procedure, choose to create a new lesson through the "Create lesson" link. Then enter the course title and the other details and select "Activity form" in the lesson type.
 +Finally, go to the lesson you created and select the "Edit" link to edit the above activities.
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