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 +==== User e-portfolio fields ====
 +If you want to modify the fields displayed in the e-Portfolio of users simply select the "User e-Portfolio Fields"​ link as a platform manager. You can ** create ** a new category in which you will enter the new fields you want or you can ** join ** in an existing category of new fields. To create a new category, select the "Add category"​ button. In the box that appears, fill in the category name and click "​Add"​.
 +[{{ :​en:​admin:​users_administration:​e_portfolio_fields:​e_porfolio_fields_add_category.jpg?​500 |Add a-Portfolio new category }}]
 +[{{ :​en:​admin:​users_administration:​e_portfolio_fields:​e_porfolio_fields_add_category_elements.jpg?​500 | E-Portfolio category name}}]
 +Having created the new category, you have at your disposal three actions that you can perform for this category:
 +   * Add profile field
 +   * Change category name
 +   * category deletion
 +[{{ :​en:​admin:​users_administration:​e_portfolio_fields:​e_porfolio_fields_add_category_actions.jpg?​500 |New category actions}}]
 +To add a profile field, select the corresponding link and specify the type of field you want from the four available options. Then provide the name and short name as well as the other information depending on the type of field you selected.
 +[{{ :​en:​admin:​users_administration:​e_portfolio_fields:​e_porfolio_fields_add_category_fields.jpg?​500 |Category fields}}]
 +The process is completed by selecting the "​Save"​ link.