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 +===== Platform’s eCourses =====
 +The eCourse is the core part of the Open eClass platform. Each course is an autonomous entity in the platform, which integrates a series of learning tools (modules). The eCourse is, in fact, a modular structure, which is organized and maintained by the teacher in charge. More specifically, the student eCourse home screen has the following view. 
 +[{{ :en:student:ecourse:ecourse_home_page.jpg?500 |e Course homepage }}]
 +On the eCourse home screen, there is a short description, in which basic information (title, code, responsible teacher, department etc) are reposted. Also, there is toolbar with an “insert course URL as a bookmark” tool, a hyperlink to course RSS fed and an “email” hyperlink, which allows registered student-users, who have defined their email address in their profile, to communicate with the course teacher via email. On the left, there is a menu with all the active eLearning tools (modules) provided for the eCourse by the teacher in charge. 
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