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 +==== Documents ====
 +The module “Documents” is the area where the educational material of the course is stored, organized and presented. More specifically, this module provides a useful file organization and grouping mechanism for educational material (texts, presentations, pictures, diagrams, etc) through a folder, sub-folder system. This tool works as a common file manager tool, allowing the responsible teacher to organize all the available course documents in folders.
 +[{{ :en:student:documents:documents_module.jpg?500 |Documents Module}}]
 +In order to open a course document file click on the file title and then click on “Open”. If you want to download and save a course document file to your local pc click on the file title and then click on “Save”, and type the folder you want to store it in. Transfer will start immediately. An explanatory text (comment) may follow below the file name, so that you can determine its content without opening it before.
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