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 +==== 4.17 Glossary ====
 +The "Glossary" subsystem provides to the learner the ability to view course‚Äôs terms and categories. To display a term that belongs to a category first select the link "Categories"
 +[{{ :en:3.4:stud_glos_01_eng.jpg?500 |Fig. Category selection}}]
 +The next step is the selection of a specific category that one term belongs.
 +[{{ :en:3.4:stud_glos_02_eng.jpg?500 |Fig. Specific Category selection}}]
 +When you have selected category then select the specific term).
 +[{{ :en:3.4:stud_glos_03_eng.jpg?500 |Fig. Term selection from specific category}}]
 +In this display shows both the term and the definition given by the teacher.
 +[{{ :en:3.4:stud_glos_04_eng.jpg?500 |Fig. Term view}}]
 +Also, keep in mind that there a alphabetical selection of conditions per letter for easier searching when the number of terms is quite large.
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