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 +==== Agenda ====
 +The Agenda module allows you to present the most important events of the course in a chronological order (conferences, meetings, evaluations, etc). If you want to add a new event to the agenda, click on the “Add event” link.
 +  * Choose the date, time and duration (elective) of the event you wish to add.
 +  * Insert a title and some details of the event.
 +  * Finally, click on the “Add/Modification” button and the new event will appear on the Agenda events catalogue.
 +[{{ :en:teacher:agenda:my_calendar.jpg?500 |Agenda}}]
 +In order to **formulate an event** click on the EDIT icon next to the event to be formulated, change the details and finally, click the “Add/Modification” button. In order to delete an event click on the delete button SVISE  next to the event to be deleted.
 +[{{ :en:teacher:agenda:my_calendar_2.jpg?500 |Agenda}}]
 +[{{ :en:teacher:agenda:my_calendar_3.jpg?500 |Agenda}}]
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