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 +===== Introduction =====
 +The Open eClass platform is a complete Course Management System. It is the solution offered by the Greek Academic Network GUnet to support asynchronous eLearning services. It has been designed with the intention to support the conventional educational process. It is actively supported by GUnet and is distributed for free as open-source software.
 +The introduction of eLearning into the traditional teaching process provides new capabilities and allows new means of interaction between students and teachers. At the same time, it supports the electronic management, storage and presentation of teaching materials, transcending limitations of space and time and creating the necessary conditions for a dynamic learning environment. The platform is accessible via a simple web browser without any demands of specialized technical knowledge.
 +This manual is a useful guide for the registered platform teacher user, in which one can find analytical presentations of platform operations and potentiality. More specifically, what is described is the creation and administration of eCourses, organization, storage and presentation of educational material, electronic assignment submission and evaluation, course identity description, agenda publication, expedition of informational announcements, creation and organization of working teams and forums, self-evaluation exercises creation, etc.
 +[{{ :en:teacher:introduction:open_eclass_main.jpg?500 |Open eClass platform}}]
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