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 +==== Questionnaire  ====
 +The subsystem "Questionnaire" allows you to create and manage a series of questionnaires for the course. For a new questionnaire select "Create Questionnaire" from the main screen of the subsystem).
 +[{{ :en:teacher:questionnaire:create_questionnaire.jpg?500 |Creating a Questionnaire}}]
 +Then enter the data describing the questionnaire.
 +[{{ :en:teacher:questionnaire:entering_data.jpg?500 |Entering data Questionnaire}}]
 +  * **Title**: to the title with which the questionnaire on the list of questionnaires
 +  * **Start**: The start date of the questionnaire for participants
 +  * **Expiration**: The expiration date of the questionnaire for participants
 +  * **Results**: determines the anonymised completion of the questionnaire and the appearance concealment of the results of the questionnaire to the participants.
 +  * **Information**: it is some brief information of theā€¢  questionnaire.
 +  * **Integration Message**: specifies the message you want to appear to users as they submit the questionnaire (eg. A thank you message).
 +  * **Assign to**: regard to whom the questionnaire is addressed (eg. To all registered students of the course in selected, specific user groups of the course).
 +This way you have completed the first phase in the creation of the questionnaire.
 +[{{ :en:teacher:questionnaire:completion_1st_phase.jpg?500 |Completion of the first phase questionnaire creation}}]
 +Then we move to the second phase in the creation of the questionnaire by inserting questions that compose it.
 +[{{ :en:teacher:questionnaire:create_questionnaire_questions.jpg?500 |Creating questionnaire questions}}]
 +The categories of questions is available:
 +  * Multiple Choice (Single Answer)
 +  * Multiple Choice (Multiple Answers)
 +  * Free Text
 +  * Scale
 +To create a new question questionnaire select the category and determine the question. Then enter the answers of this question. The complete process by clicking "Create".
 +[{{ :en:teacher:questionnaire:create_new_question.jpg?500 |Creating a new question questionnaire}}]
 +In the main screen of the subsystem "Questionnaire" you can see the list of available questionnaires.
 +[{{ :en:teacher:questionnaire:list_of_created_questionnaires.jpg?500 |List of created questionnaires}}]
 +If you want to enter a new label - comment select "New Label-Commentary").
 +[{{ :en:teacher:questionnaire:labels_comments.jpg?500 |Introduction Label / comment}}]
 +In each questionnaire a number of actions are available:
 +  * **Edit**: change the process data of the questionnaire
 +  * **Off**: deactivation (not visible to users) of this questionnaire
 +  * **Statistics**: describes the statistics of users as these resulted from the answers of the questions in the questionnaire
 +  * **Preview**: Preview of the questionnaire
 +  * **Creating Copy**: it involves making a copy of a questionnaire
 +  * **Cleanup results**: potential liquidation of the results of the questions of this questionnaire.
 +  * **Delete**: delete process of a questionnaire
 +[{{ :en:teacher:questionnaire:available_actions.jpg?500 |Questionnaire Available Actions}}]
 +We should emphasize that the questionnaire copy creation process can be carried out for the current class or for a list of courses in which you are in charge trainer.
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