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 +==== Mass user account creation ====
 +You enter in the area below a list of user details, one line per each new user account. The order of the user information is defined in the field before the area, where possible labels are:
 +  * first: ''​First name''​
 +  * last: ''​Last name / surname''​
 +  * email: ''​e-mail address''​
 +  * id: ''​Student ID''​
 +  * phone: ''​Phone number''​
 +  * username: ''​Username''​
 +To have the users automatically registered to some courses, please add the course codes after the user details in the end of each line. The e-mail addres is optional - you can use a hyphen (-) in its place if you want to omit it. Lines beginning with # are ignored. If you don't specify usernames, they will be automatically creating by appending a serial number to the user prefix entered below.
 +[{{ :​wiki:​3.4:​man_a_en08.jpg?​500 | Mass user account creation }}]