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 +==== Teacher open requests ====
 +Here you can see a list of all open (pending) teachers’ account applications.
 +resentation of teachers’ open applications
 +You can perform the following actions:
 +    to register a teacher to the platform,
 +    to reject his applications or
 +    to close the account application
 +The user-candidate teacher will be informed whatever action you choose and accomplish through an email which will be sent by the platform to inform him for his application status.
 +What is more, if you click on one of the links for account creation, (clicking on “Register”), the teacher registration operation will be fulfilled with the information the user provided on applying.
 +If you click on “Rejection”, you reject the teacher’s application. Fill in a form where you explain the reasons why the teacher application is not accepted. The text you will fill in will be mailed to the teacher’s email address. The application is then closed and the teacher account is NOT created.
 +You are also given the option to ask for a list of all the already closed or rejected account applications in order to reactivate them.
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