Open eClass Platform - CHANGES

Open eClass 2.9

  • Improvements in “Dropbox”.
  • Improvements in “Exercises”.
  • Improvements in course registration.
  • Improvements in “Learning Path”.
  • Improvements in user authentication via external database.
  • Changes in directories structure.
  • Improvements in mobile API.

Open eClass 2.8

  • Improvements in Dropbox. Added support for message exchange between users.
  • Add “Bulk User Accout Deletion” in Admin Tools.
  • Add “Multiple Course Creation” in Admin Tools.
  • Improvements in “Multimedia”.
  • Add course metadataς CDM - ECTS.
  • Support for course license registration.
  • Support for viewing a document resource only in registered course (even it is an open course).
  • Support for optional password in open course.
  • Support for GUnet Open Courses.
  • Add new user role (Open Course Reviewer).

Open eClass 2.7

  • New subsystem ”Common Docs“ – Funcionality added to Admin tools and Documents.
  • Add “Bulk User Accout Creation” in Admin Tools.
  • Support for second email address in student accounts.
  • Improvements in “Assignments”.
  • Improvements in “Exercises”.

Open eClass 2.6

  • Improved course registration functionality.
  • Various security enhancements.
  • Added check on file uploading through a list of accepted File Types (global whitelist).
  • Added a list of accepted File Types for uploading per user (per user whitelist).
  • Added administrator tool for merging user accounts
  • Added new multi user deletion tool with criteria.
  • Configuration settings for user account registration / request (student / teacher).
  • 'Search' module can be enabled / disabled.
  • Teachers and Course administrators can preview all course files within 'Dropbox' module.
  • 'phpMyAdmin' tool has been removed.
  • Italian language support has been added.
  • French language support has been added.

Open eClass 2.5

  • New administrator user roles. Course and user administrator role. Users administrator role.
  • New course user role. Assistant professor role.
  • User can choose to not receive mails from a course.
  • It is possible to require from user, to verify his email address during registration.
  • In “Assignments” teacher can define assignment with time and date deadlines.
  • Fix some bugs in “Exercises” and “Assignments”.
  • In “Exercises” teacher can create exercises with existing random questions.
  • In “Video”, videos can appear in pop up window inside the browser.
  • New theme added (ocean).
  • Added German translation.
  • Improved online help.

Open eClass 2.4.1

  • Code reorganization and bug fixes for alternative authentication methods
  • Add setting to select automatic registration or going through a request for students logging-in via alternative methods when registration is closed
  • Option for the admin to change auth method for a user
  • Minor bug fixes for the glossary and video modules

Open eClass 2.4

  • Changed in Template and creation of new themes.
  • New module “E Book”
  • New module “Glossary”.
  • Add new login page.
  • RSS feed in module “Announcements” and in “Admin Announcements”.
  • Replace xinha html editor with tinymce.
  • Various changes in modules “Documents”, “Groups” and “Forums”.
  • Users can now participate in multiple groups.
  • Course units can display ebooks .
  • Changes in module “Search”.
  • Add user public profile.
  • Changes in Advances user profile.
  • Security changes.
  • Changes in Admin Tool.
  • Users can now download directories (in .zip format) in module “Document”.
  • Changes in installation wizard.
  • Changes in online help.
  • Added support for CAS authentication.
  • Better support for Shibboleth authentication.
  • Add theme 'modern' and theme administration.
  • Works with PHP version 5.3.
  • Works without enabling PHP options register_globals and short_open_tags.
  • Works in Mysql Strict Mode.

Open eClass 2.3

  • Support for user authentication via Shibboleth
  • Add “Student view” in Course Home module.
  • Add message notification in Forums.
  • Support for math symbols in “Exercises” and “Forums”.
  • Various changes and bug fixing in Administration Tool.
  • Define optional course password while creating a course.

Open eClass 2.2

  • Creation of subsystem “Course units”. The trainer may organize his course according to learning resources.
  • Various corrections in “Learning Path”.
  • Added decimal rating in questions exercises. Bug corrected in changing of order of exercises questions. Added option of displaying (or no) corrected answers after finish of exercise.
  • Add statistics in users group.
  • Add statistics about time consuming in course in user profile
  • Added support for Spanish Language

Open eClass 2.1.3

  • Fix bug in “Learning Path”
  • In “Announcements” mails are submitted per 50 users. Also in config.php if variable $emailAnnounce has been defined all the announcements are carbon copied (cc) there.
  • Fix bug in “Users” while sagin users list in encoding windows-1253
  • Template engine fixes.
  • Add pagination in “Forums”.
  • Don't logout user if he/she tries to access a closed course.
  • Changes in “Dropbox”. User files are encoded.
  • In “Docuements” document title is displayed if it has been defined.
  • Various fixes in admin tool.
  • Fix bug in user portfolio during language selection.
  • Add field visibility in “Agenda”.
  • Creation of table config in main database. Open eClass version being stored there.
  • Bug fix in uploading group assignment in “Assignments”. Preserve extension .tar.gz in assignment submission.

Open eClass 2.1.2

  • Fix bug in user authentication
  • HTML editor added in “Create Course” and “Course Admin”
  • Fix in upgrade process.
  • Various fixes

Open eClass 2.1.1

  • Fix bug in “Show old statistics”.
  • Fix bug in “Search” inside a course.
  • Fix bug in authentication users via LDAP.
  • Fix a compatibility bug in versions Mysql 4.x in “Forgot your password”.
  • Add subsystem “Login as a different user” in administration tool.
  • Various fixes in upgrade process.

Open eClass 2.1

  • New Graphical User Interface
  • New “Learning Path” module compatible with SCORM 1.2 and 2004
  • New “Questionnaire”module
  • New “Wiki” module
  • Improved “Assingments” and “Exercises” modules
  • Personalized user portfolio
  • Multilanguage support (UTF-8 encoding)
  • Math symbols support
  • New embedded HTML editor
  • Alternative user authentication through LDAP, POP3, IMAP and external MySQL DB
  • New wizard for courses creating.
  • User auditing and user statistics functionalities
  • Enhanced “search” facility
  • Improved security and new Password enryption
  • New platform's web portal (