The subsystem “Gradebook” allows you to check your score and display your individual rating at work, exercises and learning paths. To see your score in the individual subsystems of the rating, select the subsystem “Gradebook” and then select one of the rating that you want to view your score. For example if you wish to be informed about your score in a particular exercise first select the gradebook you want and then the exercise in which you have participated and have rated. Tha should here be noted that this exercise has been introduced by course instructor in this gradebook. By clarifying the columns of scores we can say the following:

  • Participation rate in grade: this is the percentage of an activity in the final score.
  • Grade: is the normalization of the degree depending on the scale laid down for the activity the instructor. For example 10/10 means that the student has taken the maximum degree (with honors the ten-point scale) as defined by the instructor.
  • Final grade: the reduction of the degree as described in the previous column in relation to the exercise of participation rate to the final grade rating. For example if the degree you have made in an exercise is 10/10 as the share of this exercise to the final grade rating is 30% then the units will get from this exercise is 3.
Rated scores elements

If the instructor has chosen the grades of exercises of this rating be updated automatically (automatic rating) then after the completion of each exercise by opening the gradebook you can see your rank.

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