Plagiarism Detection (TurnItIn)

Plagiarism Detection (TurnItIn) Turnitin is a software for the detection of copying and academic papers plagiarism. Turnitinis enbedded in the openeclass platform and so the teacher can check/detect whether the assignments uploaded by the students are a product of their own work or a copy. The students perform their assignments and Turnitin compares their content with other sources in its databases This way the teacher can detect if the submitted assignment is a product of plagiarism. To create a new assignment with the TurnitIn function initially select “New Assignment Creation”.

New assignment creation

Then in the field “Assignment Type” select “TurnItIn” .

Assignment type

Then you must determine the highest score for this particular assignmentand its time frame (start date, submission deadline).

Submission deadline

To complete the assignment creation select the fields “Compare against” and “Report similarity”.

Compare against

By selecting “Compare against” turnitin will compare the submitted assignment in apredetermined publication database against material which derives from the internet as well as from scientific magazines and publications. In “Report similarity” you can determine the report issuance to the students through a series of selectable parameters. In the next step of the process the students upload their answers for the specific assignment which has the function turnitin activated.

Assignment elements

After the submission of the assignments you as teacher have at your disposal a series of functions which concern the assignment. Specifically: • Presentations: It shows if one or more students have viewed the specific assignment • Grade: Shows the grade with which you have assessed the specific assignment • Similarity: Shows the percentage and determines the degree of similarity between the content of the specific assignment and the turnitiIN databases • Selections: Through the selections you can upload,download,delete.

Youcanregisteragradetoaspecificassignment.Inordertoregisteragradepress the corresponding field.

Intheformchoosethegradeyouwishandifyoudonotwantto make any more changes close the particular window.Turnitinwill save the grade you have registered for the assignment.

Withthisfunctionyoucandescribethesimilaritypercentageoffthespecificassignmentasitcameoutfromasourceininternet. With red you outline the similarity and with blue the source(url).

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