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 +==== The Open eClass Platform 3.2 (http://www.openeclass.org) ====
 +The Open eClass platform (formerly known as GUnet eClass) is a complete Course
 +Management System, used to store and present educational materials. It is the
 +solution offered by the Greek Academic Network (GUnet) to support asynchronous
 +elearning services. Its goal is the incorporation and constructive use of the
 +Internet and web technologies in the teaching and learning process.
 +Distribution of the platform started on March 2003 and, since then, it has
 +been designed and developed by the GUnet Asychronous eLearning group as an
 +open source software (under the GNU GPL Licence). Many developers and users
 +have contributed a great amount of work and ideas and we would like to express
 +our gratitude to all of them for their support. A complete list of
 +contributors can be found in the CREDITS.txt file.
 +Gunet Asychronous eLearning Group
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