Rubrics are one of the most effective assessment tools of the students’ performance. They are a type of descriptive assessment based on certain criteria and quality grades. To create a new rubric select the link “Rubric Creation”.

Creation of a newrubric

Then in the displayed form you must fill in the title of the rubric, a description and you must set out both its verbal part and also its criteria. Then you must define the criteria entering its title and its contribution percentage. You must be very careful because the scale must be 100-point and the contribution percentage of each criterion must not exceed 100%. Furtherallcriteria, ifadded, mustsum upinthefield contribution percentage equal to 100%.

Rubric criteria determination

For instance if there is only one criterion then its contribution percentage mustbesetat 100%, ofthereare 2 the sum of the 2 must be 100% (e.g.criterion a = 20% and criterionb= 80%). Then to complete the process select “Save”.

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