eCourse Tools administration offers the teacher the opportunity to activate and inactivate their course tools. The “Condition” column presents the tool condition, whether it is activated or not.

ECourse Tools administration

Activation-Inactivation of Course Tools

Course tools may have three possible conditions, as you can see in picture 2.

Course Administration Tools Conditions

These conditions are:

  • Active (case A). In this case, the tool is visible to course students.
  • Active, with no inactivation possibilities (case B). This case concerns the course administration tools which are visible only to the teacher.
  • Inactive (case C). In this case the tool is invisible to course students.

Webpage Uploading

Following the “Upload Webpage” link the teacher has the opportunity to upload an HTML document related to their course. The document will be saved to the eClass server. A link to it will be creating on the left menu of the course and will be presented in a new browser window of the user.

In order to do that click on “Browse”, select the document you want to upload, give it a title in the “Page Title” field and click on “Add”.

The document link you are uploading can be inactivated and deleted from the “Tools Administration” tool. The choice of deleting appears after the document link has been activated.

By clicking on the “Add Hyperlink on the left menu” the teacher has the opportunity to add links to the Homepage of the course, leading to WebPages that already exist somewhere else in the Internet (or even somewhere else in our own network). To do so, type the link and the title of the link and click on “Add”. The pages you add to the Homepage can be inactivated and deleted. The choice of deleting appears after the hyperlink adjunct has been activated.

Adding Hyperlink as eCourse Module
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