Course Unit Actions

After creating in the framework of your course a series of course units you have at your disposal a series of actions in order to manage-edit these units. In a more detailed way you can:

  • Edit the course units
  • Add several elements to the course units
Editing or adding elements to the course units

To edit the units simply select the link “Editing”. Change the title or the description of the unit and then select “Submit” to complete the process.

Course unit editing

A series of elements are available for adding such as: exercise, documents, texts, links, learning paths, multimedia files, forums, ebooks, assignments, questionnaires, wikis. If you want, for instance, to add an exercise in the course unit select from the dropdown menu “Add exercise”. Then select the exercise you wish and press “Add selection”.

Add exercise

To move (up or down) the exercise you added or any other element select the link with the :arrows” and simply move the exercise wherever you wish. Also to edit or delete the resource you added simply select the link with the “gear wheel”.

Moving or editing course unit resources
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