Units Formation

When creating the lesson units you are given the opportunity to specify the format they will have. Specifically you can choose one of the following formats:

  • Simple Format
  • Course Unit Format (weekly, topics)
  • Activity Format
Units Formation Selection

In the “Simple format” there are no active themes in this lesson. The course material is provided by the relevant subsystems (eg. exercises, tasks, announcements) located on the left side of the platform menu.

Initially when creating a lesson you have the option of specifying the format of the modules as a “Course Unit Format (weekly, topics)”. This way you can enter the date on which the theme and its theme will be active. To create a section of this format first select the “Add section” link (button (+)). Then fill in the title of the module, a brief description of it and the duration (optional) of the module in which this module will be active.

Complete “Course Unit Format” details

The process is completed by selecting the “Submit” link. The final picture of the thematic units of this format is shown in the following figure.

Final form of weekly units theme
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