Choose “Modify my Profile” from the left column of the user portfolio, and change your personal information, like username, password, email address, portfolio’s language and view. Type the new information into the corresponding fields and click on “Modification”. At the same time, you will be able to view your last ten visits to the platform, at the bottom of the screen, below your personal information.

Profile modification

Note for LDAP, IMAP, POP3 users: LDAP, IMAP. POP3 users cannot make any changes to their profile. They can change only the portfolio’s default language and view.

Change email address

It should be noted that on the first time someone enters the platform, he is prompted by the system to confirm his/her e-mail address. The platform sends an e-mail message to the address he/she has registered and asks to follow a link to confirm. If for some reason the user changes his/her email address, then the platform displays a message that prompts users to advance the process of email address confirmation.

The email confirmation form prompts the user to “Send confirmation code”. The user will then receive a message at this address and should follow the link in the message body in order to complete the process (similar process as in the first entry in the platform).

Delete an Account

You can delete your account from the platform if you choose the “Unregister User” link. However, you first need to delete all the eCourses you are supporting/registered to and then click on the “Unregister User” link on the top of the screen. You will be asked to confirm this before your account has been deleted.

Modify Password

Lastly, you are also given the opportunity to change your password used in order to access the platform. You need to type the old and the new password and then click on the “Modification” button.

Modify Password
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