Through your platform's specific functionality, you can prioritize and categorize the different segments. First by going to the “Hierarchy of categories” subsystem and clicking the “Add” link, you can enter a new category.

In the form that appears, you should first fill out some specific items for the new category, such as: your password, name and description.

We then complete the rest of the form, namely: the parent category that will belong to our new category, whether or not we can own lessons in this category, whether or not we can own users in that category, and select one of the three available access types (Public View, View Registered, Hide). You can also specify the priority of sorting this category in the tree structure. The higher the value in the “Sorting Priority” field, the higher the category. The process is completed by clicking on the “Save” link.

Having now defined the new category we can then define a new subcategory within it. The procedure is the same as the one described earlier with the only difference that now in the “Parent category” field should be chosen the name of the category you created before. It also allows the administrator to edit or delete a category. This is done by right-clicking on the desired category and selecting one of the “Correction” or “Delete” procedures.

  • Last modified: 2017/12/01 14:53