Support for H5P

User Registration

  • Improvements and various fixes in user registration via social networks (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Google etc)

User Rights

  • Various fixes in user department admin rights.

Course Units

  • Add H5P Content, Blog in course units.

Refresh Course

  • Option 'Hiding assignments'.

User Groups

  • Fixes

Learning Path

  • Fixes


  • Support for PHP 8.0

Open eClass 3.11


New options added:

  1. Activate multiple user submissions. If it's activated user can submit again.
  2. Activate answer 'don't know / don't answer'. Option 'don't know / don't answer' is displayed (multiple choice questions with unique or multiple answers) or no.
  3. Cloning: Platform admin can clone questionnaires in all courses.


  • Improvements in csv format user results in exercises.
  • Add new display type in exercises. (one question per page without navigation).
  • Change of calculating score algorithm in questions with negative score.
  • Fix cloning in question bank.


  • Display assignments per page. Add `search button`.
  • Fix bug (in some cases) in case of using rubriq for grading.

Course units

  • Improvements while adding exercises / assignments.

Learning Path

  • Fix bugs while inserting links.
  • Fix bugs in importing / exporing SCORM / IMSCP.


  Rubriq fixes.


  Fix bug (in some cases user chat text was not displayed)


  Dynamic selection of questions with criteria (with difficulty or/and from category)
  Questions shuffle (better handling).
  Exercise Preview.
  Better administration in exercise questions.


 Better handling of teleconferences (distribution algorithms)
 More administration options.


 Better user statistics reports      

User Authentication

 Fix small bugs


 New course format (`wall` format)
 Update TinyMCE to version 4.9

Open eClass 3.8

  • Forums:
    • Organize messages per threads or per date.
    • File Attachment.
  • Assignments: Support for peer review assignment type.
  • Learning Analytics
  • Exercises: Improvements in exercise execution.
  • Imrpovements in Questionnaire.
  • Improvements in Gradebook.
  • Improvements in Course Completion.
  • Improvements in User Portfolio.
  • New Themes

Open eClass 3.7

  • Support for Turnitin software Plagiarism.
  • Download course for 'offline' viewing.
  • Improvements and bug fixes in “Exercises”.
  • Improvements in “Progress”.
  • Changes in “Weekly Course View” format.
  • Add 'forward' in “Messages”.
  • Support for User Consent Message / Privacy Policy.
  • Support for course prerequisites in a course.
  • Course admin can add LTI tool in a course.
  • Improvements in translation of english messages.

Open eClass 3.6

  • New module 'Gamification'. Course admins can create certifications - badges and course completion criteria.
  • New module 'Mindmap'.
  • New module 'e-portfolio'.
  • New course type called 'activity'.
  • Support for user attendance in 'Teleconference'.
  • Support for plagiarism tools.
  • Support for electronic 'toolbox'.
  • Improvements in 'Assignments' - Support for rubric / criteria during assignment submission grading.
  • Improvements in 'Exercises'.
  • Improvements in 'Grade Book'.
  • Improvements in 'Calendar'.
  • Improvements in logging.
  • Improvements in 'Search'.
  • Improvements in online theme editor.
  • Parameterized course home messages.
  • Improvements in install / upgrade process.
  • Improvements in Administration Tools - Course Hierarchy Administration Tool.
  • Security fixes.

Open eClass 3.4

  • Support of Open Meetings and WebConf.
  • Teleconference assignment in specific courses.
  • Support of multiple chat rooms in 'Chat'.

Open eClass 3.3

  • Upgrading the recording mechanism of user actions.
  • Upgrading statistical reporting platform.
  • Upgrading of user authentication mechanisms through CAS, LDAP, Shibboleth.
  • Add new functionality to the user groups.
  • Add users automatic recording mechanism on the platform using rules.
  • Improvements Assessment subsystems “Tasks”, “Exercises” and “Questionnaires”.
  • Enhancements to the management tools of the platform.
  • Improvements in accessibility (Accessibility - WCAG 2.0 AA).

Open eClass 3.2

  • Suport for External Tools e.g. Google Analytics, Antivirus, Firewall, Auto Judge, Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive etc.
  • New methods of user authentication (using Hybrid Auth Library).
  • Add custom profile fields during user registration.
  • Multiple improvements in users groups. Group settings are now group-wide (and not course-wide).
  • Add support for abuse report.
  • Multiple improvements during user request in a closed course.
  • Improvements in course home layout.
  • Improvements in Gradebook and Attendance Book.
  • Improvements in “Assignments”, “Exercises” and “Polls”.
  • Improvements in Admin tools.
  • Improvements in mail messages format.
  • Improvements in accessibility.

Open eClass 3.1

  • Course's completion certification support.
  • Supporting actions completion bonus (badges).
  • Improvements in “Attendance” and “Gradebook”.
  • Improvements in “Exercises” and “Assignments”.
  • Improvements in “Ebook”.
  • Improvements in “Questionnaire”.
  • User Blog.
  • Improvements in administration tool.
  • Improvements in accessibility. (confront with WCAG 2.0).
  • New and enhanced themes.

Open eClass 3.0

  • Redesign Portfolio user
  • Redesign user interfaces
  • New “Gradebook” subsystem
  • New “attendance form” subsystem
  • New “Course Blog” subsystem
  • Functional interface with the Contemporary eLearning platform Big Blue Button (BBB)
  • Redesign Portfolio user
  • Redesign user interfaces
  • Incorporating Web 2.0 tools
  • Support Protocol OAI-PMH
  • Integrating new search engine
  • Tour Classes at new hierarchical structure
  • Support metadata courses according to the standard ECTS-CDS
  • Upgrade assessment tools
  • Upgrade communication and collaboration tools

Open eClass 2.11

  • Improvements to Questionnaires (Anonymous Questionnaire, Cloning, Initialisation and Results CSV export)
  • Enhancements to Multimedia (Multimedia resource categories)
  • Course citation support
  • Improvements to Exercises (add Student ID and support of original text formatting into exercise questions)
  • Improvements in User Groups Tool (add Student ID)
  • Upgrade PHP cash library
  • Improvements in mobile applications Android & iOS
  • Improvements in platform's mobile API
  • General UI and MainLib improvements

Open eClass 2.10

  • Added option for linked files in subsystem “Documents”
  • Added to create a new HTML documents inside the Course
  • Added paging and search option for all mailing lists, announcements, courses and users of the platform
  • Support of the IMS and CP specification
  • Improvement in subsystem “Course Information”
  • Improvements in subsystem “Messaging”
  • Improvements in subsystem “Exercises”
  • Improvements in subsystem “Questionnaires”
  • Improvements in subsystem “Tasks”
  • Improvements in Course metadata import form
  • Improvements / corrections Mobile API
  • Mobile application for Android mobile devices
  • Improvements in Mobile App for iOS devices

Open eClass 2.9

  • Improvements in “Dropbox”.
  • Improvements in “Exercises”.
  • Improvements in course registration.
  • Improvements in “Learning Path”.
  • Improvements in user authentication via external database.
  • Changes in directories structure.
  • Improvements in mobile API.

Open eClass 2.8

  • Improvements in Dropbox. Added support for message exchange between users.
  • Add “Bulk User Accout Deletion” in Admin Tools.
  • Add “Multiple Course Creation” in Admin Tools.
  • Improvements in “Multimedia”.
  • Add course metadataς CDM - ECTS.
  • Support for course license registration.
  • Support for viewing a document resource only in registered course (even it is an open course).
  • Support for optional password in open course.
  • Support for GUnet Open Courses.
  • Add new user role (Open Course Reviewer).

Open eClass 2.7

  • New subsystem ”Common Docs“ – Funcionality added to Admin tools and Documents.
  • Add “Bulk User Accout Creation” in Admin Tools.
  • Support for second email address in student accounts.
  • Improvements in “Assignments”.
  • Improvements in “Exercises”.

Open eClass 2.6

  • Improved course registration functionality.
  • Various security enhancements.
  • Added check on file uploading through a list of accepted File Types (global whitelist).
  • Added a list of accepted File Types for uploading per user (per user whitelist).
  • Added administrator tool for merging user accounts
  • Added new multi user deletion tool with criteria.
  • Configuration settings for user account registration / request (student / teacher).
  • 'Search' module can be enabled / disabled.
  • Teachers and Course administrators can preview all course files within 'Dropbox' module.
  • 'phpMyAdmin' tool has been removed.
  • Italian language support has been added.
  • French language support has been added.

Open eClass 2.5

  • New administrator user roles. Course and user administrator role. Users administrator role.
  • New course user role. Assistant professor role.
  • User can choose to not receive mails from a course.
  • It is possible to require from user, to verify his email address during registration.
  • In “Assignments” teacher can define assignment with time and date deadlines.
  • Fix some bugs in “Exercises” and “Assignments”.
  • In “Exercises” teacher can create exercises with existing random questions.
  • In “Video”, videos can appear in pop up window inside the browser.
  • New theme added (ocean).
  • Added German translation.
  • Improved online help.

Open eClass 2.4.1

  • Code reorganization and bug fixes for alternative authentication methods
  • Add setting to select automatic registration or going through a request for students logging-in via alternative methods when registration is closed
  • Option for the admin to change auth method for a user
  • Minor bug fixes for the glossary and video modules

Open eClass 2.4

  • Changed in Template and creation of new themes.
  • New module “E Book”
  • New module “Glossary”.
  • Add new login page.
  • RSS feed in module “Announcements” and in “Admin Announcements”.
  • Replace xinha html editor with tinymce.
  • Various changes in modules “Documents”, “Groups” and “Forums”.
  • Users can now participate in multiple groups.
  • Course units can display ebooks .
  • Changes in module “Search”.
  • Add user public profile.
  • Changes in Advances user profile.
  • Security changes.
  • Changes in Admin Tool.
  • Users can now download directories (in .zip format) in module “Document”.
  • Changes in installation wizard.
  • Changes in online help.
  • Added support for CAS authentication.
  • Better support for Shibboleth authentication.
  • Add theme 'modern' and theme administration.
  • Works with PHP version 5.3.
  • Works without enabling PHP options register_globals and short_open_tags.
  • Works in Mysql Strict Mode.

Open eClass 2.3

  • Support for user authentication via Shibboleth
  • Add “Student view” in Course Home module.
  • Add message notification in Forums.
  • Support for math symbols in “Exercises” and “Forums”.
  • Various changes and bug fixing in Administration Tool.
  • Define optional course password while creating a course.

Open eClass 2.2

  • Creation of subsystem “Course units”. The trainer may organize his course according to learning resources.
  • Various corrections in “Learning Path”.
  • Added decimal rating in questions exercises. Bug corrected in changing of order of exercises questions. Added option of displaying (or no) corrected answers after finish of exercise.
  • Add statistics in users group.
  • Add statistics about time consuming in course in user profile
  • Added support for Spanish Language

Open eClass 2.1.3

  • Fix bug in “Learning Path”
  • In “Announcements” mails are submitted per 50 users. Also in config.php if variable $emailAnnounce has been defined all the announcements are carbon copied (cc) there.
  • Fix bug in “Users” while saving users list in encoding windows-1253
  • Template engine fixes.
  • Add pagination in “Forums”.
  • Don't logout user if he/she tries to access a closed course.
  • Changes in “Dropbox”. User files are encoded.
  • In “Documents” document title is displayed if it has been defined.
  • Various fixes in admin tool.
  • Fix bug in user portfolio during language selection.
  • Add field visibility in “Agenda”.
  • Creation of table config in main database. Open eClass version being stored there.
  • Bug fix in uploading group assignment in “Assignments”. Preserve extension .tar.gz in assignment submission.

Open eClass 2.1.2

  • Fix bug in user authentication
  • HTML editor added in “Create Course” and “Course Admin”
  • Fix in upgrade process.
  • Various fixes

Open eClass 2.1.1

  • Fix bug in “Show old statistics”.
  • Fix bug in “Search” inside a course.
  • Fix bug in authentication users via LDAP.
  • Fix a compatibility bug in versions Mysql 4.x in “Forgot your password”.
  • Add subsystem “Login as a different user” in administration tool.
  • Various fixes in upgrade process.

Open eClass 2.1

  • New Graphical User Interface
  • New “Learning Path” module compatible with SCORM 1.2 and 2004
  • New “Questionnaire”module
  • New “Wiki” module
  • Improved “Assignments” and “Exercises” modules
  • Personalized user portfolio
  • Multilingual support (UTF-8 encoding)
  • Math symbols support
  • New embedded HTML editor
  • Alternative user authentication through LDAP, POP3, IMAP and external MySQL DB
  • New wizard for courses creating.
  • User auditing and user statistics functionalities
  • Enhanced “search” facility
  • Improved security and new Password encryption
  • New platform's web portal (http://www.openeclass.org)
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