Possible problems after installation.

1) I performed a platform action and suddenly a blank page is displayed

A PHP error has being triggered. Find the actual error in system error log. Look for strings of type “Fatal error:”.

The most possible reason is that some php module hasn't been installed or php version is too old. In most cases a php module installation / upgrade is required. If fatal error still exists contact us.

2) In various pages the following message is being displayed

In file /home/eclass/public_html/include/lib/hierarchy.class.php on line 1031 : Unable to execute statement:“Column count of mysql.proc is wrong. Expected 20, found 16. The table is probably corrupted”, sqlstate:“1547”, errornum:“HY000”, statement:“SHOW PROCEDURE STATUS WHERE Db = ? AND Name = 'add_node'”, elapsed:0.00073000000000001”

This is due to upgrade from mysql version 5.0 to version 5.1. In mysql version 5.1 the structure of table proc has been changed.

From terminal enter the following command: “mysql_upgrade –force -u root -p [your mysql root password]”

mysql will be upgraded correctly. After that, continue with the platform upgrade.

  • Last modified: 2017/10/25 14:28