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 === Grading Scales === === Grading Scales ===
 +A new function of “Assignments” subsystemis the Grading Scales. Through this new feature the teacher has the capability to define the grading scales of the assignments. For instance there can be a matching of the Ten-point scale to letters of the alphabet (e.g. 10=A, A=9 etc.).
 +[{{ :​en:​teacher:​assignment:​teacher_grading_scales_1.jpg?​600 |Grading Scales}}] ​
 +This way, new scales can be set out and ten-point scales matched to letters of the alphabet. Thus a new feature is provided which expands the grading of the course as well as of the assignments. ​  
 +[{{ :​en:​teacher:​assignment:​teacher_grading_scales_2.jpg?​600 |Matching Process}}] ​