The Course Wiki module is a new collaboration tool introduced in the current version of the Open eClass platform. Wiki is a course tool that allows registered users (teachers and students) to create and edit Web page content. More specifically Wiki supports hyperlinks and has simple text syntax for creating new pages and cross links between internal pages on the fly.

Course Wiki list

In order to create a Wiki, click on the “Create a new Wiki” choice, then enter a title and a short description for this wiki and click on “Save”. This new wiki will be displayed automatically in the list of all Wikis for this course.

A series of actions is provided to you. More specifically:

  • Recent changes. Through this option you can view all recent modifications made in the Wiki. You can click on 'Main page' to view the Wiki main page, you can click on 'All pages' to view a list of all Wiki pages, or click on 'List of Wiki' to view a list with all Wikis for the current course.
  • Edit properties . Allows you to change the title and description details of a Wiki.
  • Delete. To delete a Wiki, click on delete icon next to its name.

If you want to edit a wiki, then click on this wiki’s title. Now click on “Edit this page” choice to edit the page content. At once you will see the text of wiki that you can edit. Use the edit icons in order to format your text. Note that you can create a link (by choosing your text and then clicking on the link icon) to a new page of the wiki. The same action can be done by putting the word that you want to be a link in square brackets (for example “the [solution] of this problem is simple”). The word “solution” is a link and by clicking on it, the system creates automatically a new wiki page with the word’s (solution) name.

In order to see the list of the latest modifications of the page, click on the “Page history” link.

  • Last modified: 2017/05/19 12:16