The subsystem “Glossary” provides to the teacher a number of possibilities for the creation and management of scientific terms for the course. To add a category just click the link “Add Category”.

Add category

Enter the category name and some optional information for this category.

Category Name and Information

The process is completed by clicking the “Save” link. The result of the above operations are characteristic in Figure 3.

Category creation Results

To enter a new term then select the “Add new term”. In the displaying form enter the title of the term and its definition. You can also (optionally) enter a URL definition and some notes. Finally select the category in which this term will belong.

Add new term

The process is completed by clicking the “Save” link. If you enter more than one terms in a particular category then each term appears is displayed in alphabetical order. To view the conditions of a particular program simply click on them.

Term’s alphabetical order

Finally you can export the Glossary created by selecting one of the two supplied formats provided by platform (UTF8, Windows 1253). Just click on the “Export to csv (UTF8)” or on the “Export to csv format (Windows 1253)”.

Glossary export
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