The subsystem “My Messages” provides the instructor the following features:

  • Send private messages to specific users
  • Send messages to registered users of a course
Available functions of the subsystem “My Messages”

Choosing the function “New personal message” you are offered to create a new personal message to a specific username which he registered in the platform. Fill in the title of the message, the main message and the user-recipient of the message and click “Send”.

Send “New Personal Message”

The result of the mission of this message appears in outgoing messages.

Outbound subsystem messages “My Messages”

Replies and any other messages appear in the category of “incoming messages” of the subsystem.

Inbox subsystem messages “My Messages”

To send messages to registered users of the course we choose the option “New Course message”.

New Course Messsage

Select the course you will be sending the message, the title of the message, the message text, the file to be sent (if desired), and the recipients of this message and click “Send”.

Send new Course Message
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