Exercise Settings

New feature added to the subsystem exercises is locking and unlocking them through the use of a password.

Password unlocking

The above feature was added on the one hand to limit access to certain users only and on the other to increase the safety level for non-authorized users. This way, the teacher can, depending on the case, allow access to an exercise or not.

Password unlocking

By the password given to you by the teacher you can gain access to an exercise which is password protected. Insert your password in the relevant field and complete the exercise.

“Unlocking for certain IP(s) or IP CIDR(s)”

By integrating this feature in the platform the teacher of the course has the capability to restrict access to certain IP addresses or specific subnetworks of a local network. This is very useful in conducting exams in a specific room (i.e. the laboratory) under the supervision of the teacher. There are 3 types of addresses which can be used :

1) full addresses which correspond to a specific computer or server. These usually have the form of

Full addresses

2) Full addresses IPv6 of the form 2a….. addresses which correspond to a specific computer or server.

Full addresses IPv6

3) CIDR subnetworks of the form which allows you to clearly specify the subnetworks you are referring to.

CIDR form
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